Full colour double sided key tags designed by you

Tags Australia has created an easy online designer of double sided key tags. Our reputation as a key tag printer and supplier is second to none.
We have over 16 years of experience supplying the Australian marketplace.

What can you expect from us?

Once you have paid for your key tags the order goes straight into our production queue. We promise that your key tags will be dispatched on the day you have chosen or allocated.
Your key tags are printed and assembled at our inhouse facility in Sydney. We use state of the art digital UV printers to give the best colours and quality that is possible in our market segment.
Our data base/admin processing system minimises errors so you can be assured of receiving your beautifully printed key tags as you designed them

Our packaging is thoughtful and recyclable!

We use packaging that can be recylced and is some cases reused 

Our e-Parcel trackable delivery service ensures you can monitor the progress of your key tags.
If you have any comments about our website please call us on 02- 9011 5944